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2. Make a map

#ThisIsEngland – from William Shakespeare to Harry Potter. This is Great Britain, The United Kingdom. Write the names of cities, oceans, countries and more… on this empty map! Don’t forget the cardinals; North, West, South, East. Ready? Practice with a friend!

5. Big Ben

IMAGE Big Ben (CC-BY) by Micke Kring, 2013. WORDS: clock, four-faced, tower, south, north, river, bridge, high, bell, step, east, west. Lägg in orden på Quizlet och ta hem läxan (Wordsearch – Big Ben). LINKS:

4. Jack the Ripper

Next stop on our guide tour is the memorized of Jack the Ripper. A famous serial killer – but still unknown. WORDS: the ripper, serial killer, newspaper, women, cut, throat, victim, scream, unknown, district, innocent, nobody.e? Jack the Ripper 1888 Documentary Crime History Documentary Wikipedia

1. Watch this movie

Log in att and search for this movie “Great Britain”. Watch the movie and make a mind map. QUESTIONs: What is Great Britain and England? What interesting places to visit? PRACTICE: Listening and reading skills. Strategies to understand and prove that. (Like taking notes on everything that you figure out about England.) Search the […]

3. I am a London Tour Guide

Time to get ready for your new job as a London Tour Guide. Read the text and fill in the gaps. Practice reading it. Do you know how to tell the time in english? Telling the time in English (on Youtube) Tell the time in English (on Youtube) English club: Telling time

2. The London Map

Check out google maps! Zoom in at London. Make a screenshot and keep the image for later. Draw a new map on paper. Start with a white paper and fold it twice. Highlight your attractions and places of interest. USEFUL WORDS north – norr east – öst west – väst south – söder zebra crossing […]

1. Watch and Read

Watch this movie from about London. Make a mind map. Question 1: What is London, and where is it? Question 2: What places are interesting to visit? Question 3: What is a Tour Guide? Useful links: Micke i London This is London (on Youtube) Visiting London (on Youtube) Tourist information […]