Let’s read different texts on the internet and from books. Let’s watch movies and stuff from Youtube. Let’s use a mindmap to collect information about England!

Listening and reading skills.
Strategies to understand and prove that. (Like taking notes on everything that you figure out about England.)
Search the internet and save facts and links.

Watch this movie from

QUESTION: What is Great Britain and England?

image10.jpgThe map
Use Google Earth and write all this stuff, and more, on your map.
Title: ThisIsEngland
Countries: Scotland,Nothern Ireland, Wales and England
Cities: London, Leeds, Stratford-upon-Avon
People: William Shakespeare, Richard Hollis
Cardinal: North, West, South, East
Seas: The Atlantic Ocean, The North sea, English Channel


Use your map and practice presenting different places with a friend.
– This is the Atlantic sea.
– This is Wales. It is a small country next to England.

Richard Hollis and his family from Leeds is sharing daily life with us on youtube.
Richard about home life
Sam about Leeds
Ella about School

3. Search and collect information about Leeds and the Hollis family, William Shakespeare and his hometown Stratford-upon-Avon and make a mindmap or two. Write two short texts and practice reading them.