O l i v e r T w i s t

Questions – Chapter 1
Before reading:
– What is a Workhouse?
– Who is Oliver Twist?
After reading:
– What do we know about Oliver’s mother and father?
– Who is Mrs. Mann? What do we know about her?
– Who is Mr. Bumble? What do we know about him?
– How did Oliver Twist get his name?
– What is a board? And what does the board do, in this story?
– What is an orphan?
– What is happening between the (kitchen) master and Oliver?

Characters: Oliver, Oliver’s mother, the Doctor, Sally, Mrs. Mann, Mr. Bumble, the (kitchen) Master,

Words (on Quizlet): workhouse, poor people, tiresome, frail, shriveled, thin, faint, pale, feebly, barely, forehead, she gazed around, shuddered, prepared, delicately-looking, worn to pieces, nobody knows, sighed, muttered, a wistful look, mean and stingy, crib, complain, punishment, coal cellar, wander away, proper, replied meekly, a small parlor, with a glint in her eye, a reward, fetch him, struggle, members of the board, one gentlemen, sternly, frighten, rapped him with a stick, hold back his tears, a fool, you are an orphan, hard and narrow beds, sobbed himself to sleep, hungry and miserable, make life unpleasant, half as much food, taking apart old ropes, stuff the cracks in ships, water-tight, three bowls of thin gruel a day, supper, a bundle of straws, an enormous iron pot, frozen with fear, blinking in disbelief, hit with his ladle, escape, that boy is a fool, a sign was posted on the gate, the parish, a prisoner, protect, made him feel less lonely, shoved under a pump.

Questions – Chapter 2
Before reading:
– Why do the board want to get rid of Oliver?
– What would be a good place for Oliver to stay?

After reading:
– What is a chimney sweep?
– Why does the man want Oliver?
– Who is Mr. Sowerberry?
– What is a coffin-maker?
– How did Mrs. Sowerberry treat Oliver?
– Who is Noah Claypole?
– What is a funeral?
– Noah makes Oliver very upset. How?
– What happened to Oliver, after he hit Noah?
– Oliver tied up a few things in a handkerchief. Why?

Characters: Oliver, Mr. Bumble, The Judge, The Chimney Sweep, Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry, Noah Claypole,

Words (on Quizlet): a sign, black soot, a donkey, a chimney sweep, landlord, stumble, in front of, muttering curses, he caught sight of, scratched his stubby face, nod, smothered to death by smoke, never mind, a good trade, later in court, teach him a trade, stared in horror, a cruel and ugly face, wide-eyed with fear, exclaimed the judge, what is the matter, clasped his hands together, he would rather go back, I refuse, treat him more kindly, an undertaker, measure, the coffin-maker, a nasty wife, some scraps to eat, a counter in the shop, it was so gloomy in the room, creature, walk towards him, a row of square-shouldered ghosts, you little workhouse brat, get that broom, the look of sadness, take part in the funerals, on many occasions, very jealous, he was enraged, the insult, made him fierce, astonishment, perhaps he is mad, over-fed, he has spirit, humble and meek, generous, defend himself, whip the boy, starve him, in a handkerchief, rays of light.




Questions – Chapter 3
Before reading:
– What is Oliver going to do in London?
– Who is the man with the big fork (poker)?

After reading:

– How long is a mile?
– How did Oliver survive this long walk?
– Oliver met a boy in the little town just outside London. What was so special about him? And what was his name?
– Who is ”the artful Dodger”?
– Who is Fagin?
– What is going on in this room?
– Fagin has took out a heavy box, full of what?
– Charley, and the other boys, are working. With what?
– The boys and Fagin are playing a strange game. What? 

Characters: Oliver, Jack, Fagin, Charley,

Words (on Quizlet): mile, stone marker, bold letters, big arrow, a huge city, a lad, make a living, determined to try, a steep hill, a stagecoach, beg for help, sore feet, a lazy fool, threatened to set his dog on him, limped slowly, covered with dust, loneliness, an odd-looking boy, behave like an old man, a top hat and a coat, the artful dodger, nickname, many narrow crooked streets, a broken stairway, toasting sausages on a long fork, an ugly face, dressed in a loose robe, smoking long clay pipes, my new pal, countless silk handkerchiefs, hung on a wooden rack, stare, a hot drink, drowsy, a trap door, a heavy box, he raised the lid, a splendid gold watch, jewels, bracelets, he had been joking, a brave boy, a pitcher of water, two leather wallets, a strange game, trousers, a long chain, a little pocket, pretending that he was rich, fireplace, he slapped his pockets,




Questions – Chapter 4

Before reading:
– What is this chase about?
– What kind of business is Fagin running?

After reading:

– What do the boys do when they see the gentlemen outside the bookseller’s?
– Who is chasing Oliver, and why?
– A police officer arrived. What did he do?
– Why is Oliver in jail?
– Who is Mr. Brownlow?
– What did the judge say?
– The man who owns the book shop has got something to say. What?
– Oliver leaves the courthouse in a cab. How is he?

Characters: Oliver, Jack, Charley, Mr. Brownlow, the book shop owner, the police officer, the judge,

Words (on Quizlet): indoor, he longed to start, walked at such a lazy pace, do you see that bloke?, watched them In silent astonishment, a black velvet collar, white trousers, his favorite armchair, horrified, his handkerchief was missing, they screamed, surrounded by faces, the man who had been robbed, he felt pity for him, a cold jail cell, courthouse, that boy reminds me of someone, a stern-faced judge, distress, prison, hard labour, a muffled voice, declare, he looks very ill, he was amazed by the robbery, everybody I know joined the chase, clear the court, this is a waste of my time, lying on the pavement, he trembled from head to foot, he is terribly ill, hailed a cab, there is no time to loose,





Questions Chapter 5

Before reading:
– Where are Jack & Charley?
– Where is Oliver going with the cab?

After reading:

– What do we know about Mr. Sikes?
– Fagin and Mr. Sikes want to know where Oliver is. But how?
– The cab stops at someones house. Whose?
– Who is Mrs. Bedwin?
– What is so special about one of the paintings?
– What is in the parcel?
– How did Fagin and his team find Oliver?
– Oliver didn’t go back to Mr. Brownlow. Why?

Characters: Oliver, Jack, Charley, Fagin, Mr. Bill Sikes, Mr. Brownlow, Mrs. Bedwin

Words: echo, the creaking stairs, I will thrash you, twist, snatch, darted around, stab, a pot of beer, darkness, doorway, a battered hat, a nasty scowl on his face, quarrel, sneer, capture, meanwhile, shady street, a brick house, carry him up, a comfortable bed, housekeeper, pillow, downstairs, armchair, very fond of, picture, portrait, few, grateful, reply, it takes my breath away, eager, question, about his past, company, recover from his illness, teach, prepare him for school, a small parcel of books, I wanted to pay him, the money that I owe him, I will return as soon as I can, around his neck, let go of me, throat, plead, fear, a liar and a thief, beat, return.


Questions Chapter 6

Before reading:
– What is happening with Oliver now?
– Who lives in this ”House in the Country”?

After reading:

– What happened in the tavern?
– Sikes, Toby and Oliver walked to a country house. Why?
– Oliver helped Sikes and Toby with something in that house. What?
– ”A flash, a loud noice – smoke”. What happened?
– Oliver was alone, wounded and knocked on the door. What happened?
– Who is Dr. Losberne, Mrs. Maylie and Rose?
– Rose and Mrs. Maylie want to help Oliver, but why?
– Dr. Losberne doesn’t think that Oliver is a thief. Why?

Characters: Oliver, Mr. Bill Sikes, Toby Crackit, Mrs. Maylie, Rose, Dr. Losberne, the two servants,

Words: he was forced, a tavern, I’ll put a bullet in your head, country roads, surrounded, high brick wall, take part in a robbery, walk across the hall, unlock the door, attempt, warn the family, a light appeared, a loud noice, smoke, stagger, oh how he bleeds, a wounded arm, moaned, a drunken man, lawn, servants, aunt, the poor creature, the garden gate, a stout gentlemen, satisfaction, thieve, he wiped some tears,



Questions Chapter 7

Before reading:
– Is Oliver staying with Mrs. Maylie and Rose now?
– What about this ”Strange meeting”. With who?

After reading:

– Mr Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin are gone. Where are they?
– Oliver learned something at Mrs. Maylie’s house, what?
– there are two men in the garden. Who are they?
– Who is Nancy?
– Fagin wants Nancy to help him. But with what?
– Monks knows something about Olivers past. What?
– Nancy heard Fagin and Monks talking about Oliver. What is she up to?
– What is a cloak? Do you know anyone else wearing one?

Characters: Oliver, Fagin, Monks, Nancy, Dr. Losberne,

Words: strange, content, forgotten, he longed to see them, ungrateful, liar and thief, promised, a long journey, excited, pointed, the house was empty, for rent, inquired, discover, the West Indies, disappointed, immediately, in the past, cottage, taught him, prepare his lessons, desk, sweet-smelling honeysuckle, fade, whisper, they were gone in an instant, leap, wounded, the rooms above the tavern, wrapped in a shawl, said the woman bitterly, shrugged, stare at the fire, enraged, shaking his fist, a dark cloak, shadow, pretend, some evil purpose, ruin someones life, a stranger, a fortune, reply, business, attend, it amazes me, calm yourself,

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11